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The true professional editors are quite difficult to find today as all assistants who can do paper checking online well are usually busy working for good editing and proofreading service. And those who are free turn out not to be good online editors. Our company has gathered the best and professional paper checking specialists ready to work on your orders at any time.

You can to hire the decent online paper checking assistant with us easy and fast. All you need is to fill in the order form with the instructions for your expert helper to follow and get the checked order before the deadline passes. It is obligatory for each proofreader working on our company to follow all the instructions and specifications given properly.

We are aware that the success of your order depends mostly on the proper understanding of the instructions by your paper checking assistant. So, we offer you a few ways to tell your instructions and specifications for the online text helper assigned to your order.

The first compulsory stage is filling in the order form. Here you need to fill in all the required fields including the ones that influence the price for your text. As each order on assignment is unlike others, you have the large Paper Instructions field, where you can explain to your online helper what you need exactly and type whatever you find necessary. After you have placed the order and paid for it, this field is not editable, so you won't be able to change your paper checking demands. To make some more specifications you can send the message indicating your requirements to the assigned assistant. You can also request any clarifications or provide your paper checker with answers to their questions as the pro can reply to you under the messages for your order. This helps to avoid any misunderstandings and decrease the number of revision requests greatly. All our proofreaders and editors reply to customers' messages as soon as possible. From our side we always notify professionals about a new message coming as well as we call customers right away if their assigned helper has sent any request or response to them.

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One more useful thing is the ability to upload files for the order. You can provide helpers with the soft copies of the sources needed to be used or you can simply forward the file with instructions got from your tutor or professor. So, our editor will be aware of all the details concerning your order instructions. The completed order can be found under the files too after you get the e-mail notification of the fact that your paper checking order has been completed.

If you face any difficulties using your personal page on our website, you can send the needed information or attachments to the support team through e-mail and be sure that they will be forwarded to your paper checking assistant.

As you can see, we are always ready to meet your requirements whatever specific and detailed they are. 

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